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Our Termite Control Mount Waverley services is a well-reputed, award winning termite control company operating in Mount Waverley. With over 25 years of experience, we have been faithfully serving Mount Waverley residents. We are well-known for our green, eco-friendly solutions and chemical treatments in our Eco-Friendly pest control service. Our in-house pest control experts are APCA-trained, certified, and knowledgeable about the latest pest control methods. We offer affordable pest control packages that fit most Mount Waverley residents' budgets. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our services. Our customer care is always at hand, 24X7; to book your appointments and attend to your service requests. Our company also provides same-day and emergency pest control services under one roof.

Here are some signs you may need termite treatment

You may notice bubbling or wrinkled timber on the wooden frames or furniture at home. This is a sure sign that there is termite activity within the wood. Termites continuously eat timber, making the wood hollow from the inside. As a result, the wood in your home loses its form and shape. This is not easily detectable, as termites may plug the entrance hole with mud, masking the hollow wood within. Take advantage of our Termite Control Treatments and get rid of the termites in your home.

Termite homes are small, tunnel-like structures made entirely of mud and cellulose. These termite homes look like small, brown mud tunnels. Upon spotting any of these, it is high time that you called our Mount Waverley Termite Control service to effect Termite Control Treatments.

Your wooden floors, door frames, and skirting boards constitute a hearty meal for the termites. If any of these areas appear soft to you and any implement, like a vacuum cleaner, goes through easily, this is another indication of the termites' presence.

You may spot the alates or the termite young, which are small, winged insects that look like flying ants. These are normally ½ an inch long with pale grey or brown wings. Normally, these alates set out in search of new spaces to build colonies. When you notice their presence, you can take swift action to exterminate them.

Different types of termites in Mount Waverley

There are two basic types of Australian termites:

Dry Wood Termites

This termite is native to the Southeastern and West Indian regions and is also found in desert areas. These drywood termites, which are also commonly known as furniture termites, primarily feed on furniture wood. Don't underestimate them because of their small colonies, as these are also highly destructive termites. They can easily compromise the structural integrity of your wood and cause widespread property damage.

Subterranean Termites

These are one of the world's most common and widespread termite species. This termite species feeds on soft woods like pine and cedar. They are well-known for their homes, which look like mud tubes. They are voracious wood eaters, consuming large wooden structures in a short period of time. When you suspect a termite presence in your home, make sure you immediately call our Mount Waverley Termite Control services to preserve your home and furniture.

Tips for Termite Protection and Prevention in Mount Waverley

Tailored Treatment Options are Available.

Our Termite Pest Control Mount Waverley services provide tailored treatment options uniquely suited to the termite infestation in your home. Our Termite Control Mount Waverley. experts will inspect your home and property and assess the damage. After this, they may recommend two solutions: 1) A quick fix 2) Complete treatment. Remember, quick fixes only treat areas of visible termite damage and offer short-term relief. However, if you want long-lasting protection, the only solution is to go in for a complete treatment.

For a complete treatment, you can use the following six methods:

Spray treatment

This method involves directly applying a spray to visible termites. Termites cannot detect the non-repellant spray variety, making it the most effective treatment for termite extermination. Our Termite Control Spray Services are excellent at exterminating termites using Spray treatments.

Foam treatment

Foam penetrates all areas underneath the wood, efficiently killing the termites and wiping out their colonies. You can even reach hard-to-reach areas with this solution.

Dust Treatment

This treatment involves drilling multiple holes in various areas of the wood and applying dust to cover these holes. Termites contract infections from the dust and die within. Our Termite Protection team is very effective at this type of treatment.

Full Treatments

We use this option to eradicate entire termite colonies.

Termite Barrier Treatment

This treatment applies non-repellant chemicals to pathways, soil, and property slabs. Termites carry this poison to their nests, which helps destroy the colony. This is an expensive treatment where the cost depends on the property size, location, and construction of your property. Our Termite Barrier treatment is most effective and reasonably priced to fit every budget.

Termite Baiting Treatment

This effective long-term treatment involves placing baits within active termite nests and colonies. When a termite is detected, a powerful termiticide is released, killing the termites instantly. Our Termite Pest Control Mount Waverley services continuously monitor the baits.

Factors influencing termite treatment costs in Mount Waverley

Our Termite Exterminator Cost depends on the choice of the termite treatment. We have outlined various treatment options in the above section for your convenience. The cost of the termite treatment depends on the following factors:

Property Size

The size of the property is an important determinant of the cost. The larger the property and the more difficult the access, the higher the cost. You can opt for either quick fixes, by their very nature, that are less costly, or complete treatments that provide more sustained, long-lasting relief, albeit at a higher cost.

Location of the property

If it entails great effort to reach the property, then the cost of pest control treatments is higher. If there are access challenges on your property, the costs will be correspondingly higher.

Property construction

If the property consists of multiple stories or has a high moisture content, then extensive measures are required to exterminate the termites completely.

Types of Treatments

The types of chemicals used and pest control treatments used also have an impact on the total cost. The cost of termite treatment increases with the size of the covered area, and vice versa.

Regular Monitoring

If we need to conduct regular monitoring and prevention, the cost will increase accordingly. Sporadic interventions cost less.

All things considered, the cost of doing termite control is reasonable compared to the property loss and damage that termites inflict. Our Termite Control Mount Waverley services have been providing termite control solutions in Mount Waverley for over 25 years, and we have an enviable track record of providing high-quality service.

The benefits of choosing Mount Waverley Termite Pest Control

  • A local company with a local track record of service in Mount Waverley
  • Use of eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals and pest control agents
  • We prioritise customer needs and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We offer affordable pest control at competitive, reasonable prices.


Q: What do termites look like?

A: Termites are small, pale insects sporting two straight antennae.

Q: How do you get rid of termites?

A: Call professional services like Same Day Pest Control Mount Waverley to apply termiticides and use barrier treatments to get rid of termites.

Q: How big are termites?

A: Termites are small insects ranging from 03. cm to 1.5 cm in length.

Q: What do termites eat?

A: Termites eat wood pulp, cellulose, and other plant materials.

Q: Can termites cause property damage?

A: Yes, termites are voracious eaters that can damage the wooden frames and compromise the structural integrity of your building.